Interaction Designer


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Hi! I'm Elissa. I am currently a junior in the Interaction Design program at California College of the Arts.

I am passionate about influencing and changing the world for the greater good of humanity. I became an interaction designer because I believe in order to create solutions; we need to start and end with people. Bridging technology and human centered design is the core of interaction design and creating innovative solutions to the world's problems is what drives me to towards becoming a more thoughtful, analytical, and creative designer.  Hearing stories and experiences is what creates something meaningful and impactful for people, and this is the most important area of the design process for me.

I aim to be a part of creative environments that encourage innovation and empathy using design thinking and collaboration to generate opportunities towards finding a solution. I have become well- versed in the design process and have studied design research, systems thinking, storytelling, human behavior, and more.  I value collaborating and working with others and I see myself as a team leader that is compassionate and focused.  

Some of my other interests include: glass blowing, oil painting, textiles, interior design, filmmaking, photography, food, skiing, hiking, playing music, camping, fashion, furniture design, traveling and learning.